Information for suppliers to Sisource

Information regarding transition to e-invoicing via Peppol and Interconnect for suppliers to Sisource

For a faster, more efficient, and more secure handling of invoices, we have decided to transfer our management of supplier invoices to electronic handling only.
To send electronic invoices, you must have an agreement with an e-invoice operator. If you do not currently have the capability to send e-invoices, please feel free to contact Logiq and we will help you find a solution.

Get started

Inform your e-invoice operator (VAN supplier) that you wish to send e- invoices to Sisource. Start sending e-invoices according to the content requirements described below. Check if necessary that your first invoice run was received by Sisource.

Log in at Inexchange and verify that Sisource is listed as a recipient.

For questions, contact Inexchange

Verify in Pagero Online that Sisource is listed a recipient.

For questions, contact Pagero.

Inform TietoEvry that invoices to Sisource should be sent electronically via EDI operator Logiq.

Inform Strålfors that invoices to Sisource should be sent electronically via EDI operator Logiq.

Please contact your operator to get started.

  • If you are sending PDF today and can’t send EDI invoices:
    • Contact Sisource if they approve that you continue to send PDF invoices.
  • If you are a Swedish or Norwegian company and wants to send invoices electronically via Logiq InvoicePortal, you can sign an agreement here.
  • If you don’t have an agreement with an EDI operator, contact Logiq (, and we will help you get started.
  • For questions about general requreiments, contact Sisource.
  • For other questions regarding the transition, contact

General requirements

For us to process your e-invoice, one of the requirements below must be met.

The invoice must contain our order number:

  • Order number: 6-7 digits (numerical characters)

In absence of order number above, information on reference must be available.

E-invoicing via the Peppol network or EDI-operator

  • Sisource is connected to Peppol and would like you to primarily send your invoices that way.
  • E-invoices can also be sent via your EDI- operator.
  • Any attachment must be sent in PDF- format.

Addressing Sweden

Sisource AB, organisation number 556924-5052
Peppol identifier: 0007: 5569245052
Operator is Logiq, address to: Organisation number 5569245052

Contact us for further information:

For questions to Sisource, contact:

If you do not have the opportunity to send e-invoices, PDF will be received via:

If you do not have a current EDI- operator and want to get in touch with Logiq sales department, contact us: