Information for suppliers to Fristads

Important information for suppliers to Fristads AB

We will streamline our invoice handling to a single VAN provider, and we at Fristads will switch VAN provider for supplier invoices to Logiq, starting from 2024-01-15


E-invoicing via the Peppol network or EDI-operator

  • Fristads AB is connected to Peppol and would like you to primarily send your invoices that way.
  • E- invoices can also be sent via your EDI- operator.
  • Any attachment must be sent in PDF-format.

Get started

Inform your current e-invoice operator (VAN provider) that you wish to send e-invoice to Fristads AB. Start sending e-invoices according to the content requirements described below and feel free to check that your first invoice run has been received by us.

Log in to Inexchange to verify thet Fristads is listed as a receiver.

For questions, contact Inexchange

Verifiy in Pagero Online that Fristads is listed as a receiver. 

For questions, contact Pagero.

Inform TietoEvry that invoices to Fristads must be sent electronically via the EDI operator Logiq.

Inform TietoEvry that invoices to Fristads must be sent electronically via the EDI operator Logiq.

Please contact your operator to get started.

If you don’t have an EDI operator today, get in touch with  Logiq (, then we’ll help you get started.

  • For questions about content in files such as references etc., contact Fristads AB.
  • For other questions regarding the transition, please contact

General requirements

In order for us to process your e-invoice, one of the requirements below must be met.

The invoice must contain our order number:

  • Order number:

In the absence of an order number, we will need:

  • Our reference: Containing first and last name


See table below for which fields the information should be entered in different formats:


Segment in BIS 3.0 (Peppol)

Segment in SVEFAK

Order Number

Invoice/ OrderReference/ID

AdditionalDocumentReference/cac:ID / @identificationSchemeID=”ORDER”

Our reference

/Invoice/ cbc:BuyerReference

/Invoice/ BuyerParty/ Party/Contact/ Name /Invoice/RequisitionistDocumentReference[1]

Adress for Sweden

Fristads AB, organization number 556023-8486
Peppol identifiyer: 0007:5560238486 or 0088:7392025000008
Operator: The operator is Logiq, address to: Organization number 5560238486 or GLN 7392025000008 .

Contact us for questions and more information

Contact person: Anneli Lindblom

Phone: +46 033 20 21 85