Information for suppliers to LKAB

Information regarding transition to electronic invoicing via Peppol and Interconnect for suppliers to: LKAB Minerals AB, LKAB Kimit AB, LKAB Minerals Oy, LKAB Minerals B.V., Bergteamet AB, LKAB Berg och Betong AB.

For a faster, more efficient, and more secure handling of invoices, we prefer electronic invoices from our suppliers. To be able to send electronic invoices, you must have an agreement with an e-invoice/EDI provider. If you do not currently have the capability to send electronic invoices, please feel free to contact our provider Logiq, and they will help you find a solution.

  • LKAB Kimit AB
  • LKAB Minerals AB
  • LKAB Min Oy
  • LKAB Minerals GmbH
  • LKAB Minerals B.V.
  • LKAB Bergteamet
  • LKAB Berg och Betong AB

Get started

Inform your e-invoice/EDI provider that you shall now send electronic invoices to the selected LKAB company. Start sending electronic invoices according to the content requirements described below.

Verify in Pagero Online that LKAB is listed as a recipient.

For questions, contact Pagero.

Inform TietoEvry that invoices to LKAB must be sent electronically via the EDI operator Logiq.

Inform Strålfors that invoices to LKAB must be sent electronically via the EDI operator Logiq.

Please contact your operator to get started.

  • If you are a Swedish or Norwegian company and wish to send electronically via our Logiq InvoicePortal, you can sign an agreement here.

General requirements

In order for us to process your electronic invoice, following requirements below must be met along with the requirements stated by LKAB, the agreement/order/contract, applicable laws and regulations.


  • Account number (if stated in the agreement/order/contract)
  • Category number (if stated in the agreement/order/contract)
  • Cost center (if stated in the agreement/order/contract)
  • Contract number (if stated in the agreement/order/contract)
  • Purchase order number (if stated in the agreement/order/contract)
  • Purchaser reference full name (mandatory)
  • Seller reference full name (mandatory)
  • Project number (if stated in the agreement/order/contract)

Electronic invoicing via the Peppol network or EDI-provider

  • Each LKAB Company is connected to Peppol and would like you to primarily send your invoices that way.
  • Electronic invoices can also be sent through Logiq via your EDI-provider, but this requires further implementation. Contact each LKAB Company in this case.
  • Any attachment must be sent in PDF- format.

LKAB Berg & Betong AB
Org nr: 556074-8237

Country: SE
VAT-number: SE556074823701
Peppol identifier: 0007: 5560748237
Interconnect :

Org nr: 556190-6115

Country: SE
VAT-number: SE556190611501
Peppol identifier: 0007: 5561906115
Interconnect :

LKAB Minerals AB
Org nr: 556223-1786

Country: SE
VAT-number: SE556223178601
Peppol identifier: 0007: 5562231786
Interconnect : 5562231786

LKAB Minerals Oy
Org nr: 1934671-4

Country: FI
Peppol identifier: 0037:19346714

LKAB Minerals GmbH
Org nr: HRB 16692

Land: DE
Peppol identifier: 9930:de813564377

LKAB Minerals Bv
Org nr: 24236591

Country: NL
Peppol identifier: 9944:nl800809750b01

Bergteamet AB
Org nr: 556524-0081

Country: SE
Peppol identifier: 0088:7365565240081

Addressering Finland

Peppol identifier: 0037: OVT number eks. 0037: 28341528

eInvoice address (verkkolaskuosoite): OVT-TUNNUS (0037+yrityksen oma y-tunnus ilman väliviivaa)

OperatorID Apix (välittäjätunnus): 003723327487 (or alternatively 00372332748700001)
OVT-tunnus: OVT-TUNNUS (0037+yrityksen y-tunnus ilman väliviivaa)


If you are using eInvoice services provided by the Finnish banks, please check the correct eInvoice address (verkkolaskuosoite) and OperatorID (välittäjätunnus) from the following website:

Especially when using the services of Finnish banks, please make sure that the invoice has our Business ID:  _company y-tunnus here_

Contact us if you have questions or need more information:

Johanna Jakobsson

Erik Lantto-Simma


For further information:

If you do not have a current EDI- operator and want to get in touch with Logiq sales department, contact us: