Information for suppliers to Ahlsell

Information on transition to e-invoicing via Peppol & Samtrafik for suppliers to Ahlsell.

For a more efficient, faster and safer invoice processing, we have decided to switch to electronic invoice processing for supplier invoices. To send electronic invoices, you need to have an agreement with an e-invoice operator. If you are currently unable to send e-invoices, please contact Logiq and they will help you find a solution.

Get started

Inform your current e-invoice operator (VAN-provider) that you wish to send e-invoices to Ahlsell. Start sending e-invoices according to the described content requirements. If necessary, check that your first invoice has been received by your customer.

Log in to Inexchange to verify that Ahlsell is listed as a recipient. 

For questions, contact Inexchange.

Verify in Pagero Online that Ahlsell is listed as a recipient. 

For qestions, contact Pagero.

Inform TietoEvry that invoicet to Ahlsell is going to be sent electronically via the EDI operator Logiq.

Inform Strålfors that invoices is going to be sent to Ahlsell electronically via the EDI operator Logiq.

Please contact your operator to get started.

  • If you are a Swedish or Norwegian company and wish to send invoices electronically via Logiq InvoicePortal, sign up to an agreement here.

Invoice instructions

For invoice procedures for Ahlsell´s suppliers and partners: